Embroidered designs are practically a necessity for any business or organization uniforms. No other format to apply a design on clothing is as permanent and long-lasting as an embroidered design. Creating a quality embroidery requires experience and the best quality machines to deliver a quality product. At Gunnwear Designs we complete all of our embroidery work directly Chinden Blvd location


In-House Digitizing

Most companies that offer embroidery, outsource the digitizing process to companies overseas. At Gunnwear, we don’t cut corners. We are proud to offer in-house digitizing, which allows us to be flexible with your order and quickly respond to your requests.


The Best Equipment

Gunnwear uses top of the line embroidering equipment. We have numerous, multiple-head machines. Having quality equipment and more experienced person ell creates the best looking, and the most durable embroidery work possible. We want to ensure your satisfaction so we have taken every step possible to complete your order exactly how you envisioned it.